Important changes in offers system!

Offer system is a cool feature that appeared not so long ago.

But the players were constantly complaining about the value of the minimum offer is too high as well as an offer fee. Also, three days duration for the expired date was too long to player’s Eth was freezed in offers.

CryptoKitties developers heard the feedback and lowered the fees on Offers!

  • The new minimum offer amount is 0.03Eth (from 0.1)
  • Unsuccessful offer fee has been lowered to 0.001 (from 0.004)
  • The commission has been slashed to 3.75% (from 4.5%)
  • Expired and rejected offers are returned in 24 hours (from 72)

The market immediately responded to this. The number of fulfilled offers increased a lot, as well as the number of active offers


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