Purebred probabilities. Live Math from Alan

Purebred kitty is a kitty who has the same gene on every gene slots for a given Cattribute category. (P0, h1, h2, h3)

For example purebred ganado gen1 – https://kittyhelper.co/search/?cb=ganado&pos=all&gen=1&sort=1
Or purebred chantily gen4:

There are a lot of them on different generations and the meaning is that if you breed two purebreds the offspring will get this gene 100%:

This can be very useful during fancychases and I think that purebreds will have a great future.
But what are the chances to get all genes in the same position of one trait group? 

AlanFalcon made a cool video where he makes calculations and the odds are amazing


We plan to write an article about gene-science in CryptoKitties, so for now, we have no reference to explain where Alan takes the numbers. There is no need for players to be able to count likewise (bless calculators),  but it is a very fascinating video


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