Blockchain doesn’t forgive mistakes. Accidental sale of a rare cat at the understated price

Yesterday was a sad day for the CryptoKitties player LSD. They made a mistake when entering numbers during selling their rare 2-jewels Gen0 Kitty.
So kitty was sold for 0.295Eth instead of 2.95Eth

Kitty 331945 is an old Gen0 cat from 2017. This cryptokitty has two jewels and one of them is amethyst. The floor for these Gen0s with jewels is 0.5Eth. But the most valued are his genes:

  • It is a Gen0 purebred PU11 Kitty, there are only 85 PU11 purebreds in the game and only three on sale
  • This kitty has Saycheese (967 p0) mouth and the floor for them is 1Eth
  • This kitty has WE07 (1201 p0) wild element with the floor of 0.91Eth
  • This kitty has Googly (743 p0) eye shape with the floor of 1.6Eth
  • This kitty has Gold (668 p0) eyes with the floor of 1.2Eth (and its nearly purebred gold)

Also, this kitty has two rare traits that are not on best positions, but valued a lot:

  • This kitty has Violet@h3 (325 h2; 313 h3) with the floor of 1.2, 3Eth
  • This kitty has Peach@h3 (562 h2; 559 h3) with the floor of 1Eth

LSD considered this kitty as an investment and bought it for 1.75Eth (~$230) on March 6 and then put up for sale with decreasing price from 3.49 to 3.2 Eth

And I agree with this decision because the combination of traits looks more expensive than 1.75, but yesterday player decided to change the price to 2.95->2.8 Eth and made a plaguy mistake.

This kitty was immediately bought by 0x4fabda bot in the same second as kitty appeared on the SalesAuction.

It is not a secret that there are some bots in the game who are buying different kitties on different floors of Fancies, Jewels, Gen0s, Gen1-Gen4 mewtations, lowIDs and even lowgens. Some floor settings of these bots can reach 1Eth and they are aimed for the mistakes or players’ misunderstandings of the value of their cryptokitties.

We express our regrets to the player and wish a luck in the further game.
Blockchain doesn’t forgive mistakes. You should always be attentive during work with contracts.


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