BlockTv interviewed Benny Giang, CryptoKitties Founding Member

BlockTv, the premier televised news source for the cryptocommunity talked with Benny Giang, one of the founding members of CryptoKitties and Hyper Growth at Dapper labs

Currently, Benny is focusing on establishing CryptoKitties in the gaming industry by travelling and speaking across the world, organizing art exhibits with contemporary artists and galleries to actualize art on the blockchain, and bringing CryptoKitties to players around the world.

Link to the video


Ron Friedman asked Benny Giang about the magic of CryptoKitties and the future of blockchain.

Benny told about the partnership with Samsung and their flagship phone S10 and how this will help people all over the world to study and understand the exciting world of the blockchain.

Benny shared some info about the DapperLabs and expressed confidence in CryptoKitties that were not affected by cryptowinter, he made a reference to the article which compared Bitcoin and CryptoKitties.
Dapper Labs brought onboard great professionals from gamedev industry (Fifa, Ubisoft, Eve online, Zynga) and they are making new games (Benny didn’t give details). Also, DapperLabs working on solving the problem of high entry threshold to blockchain for customers and hinted the new technology that they are developing.

Ron and Benny talked about the blockchain at all, about the future undiscovered facets of this young technology and about the role of gaming which brings masses to the digital world.

Also, Benny told about the launch of CryptoKitties and the ideas that they wanted to bring to developers and users all over the world, how these ideas were accepted by them and how the ecosystem looks now.

It is a cool interview and Benny is awesome as always and I recommend you to watch it.


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