Amazing! Bombard made the forth in game Gen2 cryptokitty with two M2 mewtations

We want you to feel the power of randomness and understand that 1500000 cryptokitties is a very few cats


20.03.19 ForTheWin posted in #gene-discussion an interesting statistics about mewtations on lowGen cryptokitties. If you know how to read a traits table and understand how mewtations work in CryptoKitties you should be impressed.

Fast guide for you:

  • There is the chance for the pair of genes to mutate into other cattribute of the same trait group
  • M1 mewtations INT00-INT23 could be minimal at generation 1 (offspring of two Gen0s kitties)
  • M2 mewtations  INT24-INT27 could be minimal at generation 2 (Offspring of two Gen1s kitties)
  • The chances are different, but usual 14% for two cattributes (p0+p0 in genes)

So you can see at the screenshot, that there are only 246 of 145902 Gen1s with 3 M1 mewtations and there are only 3 of 126609 Gen2 cryptokitties with 2 M2 mewtations.

To breed these kitties is not an easy task. There is a lot of work with matching good pairs.


Yesterday, a famous player Bombard made the forth Gen2 cryptokitty with two M2 mewtations. And it is impressive!

The player said that he was breeding it since October 2018 and was preparing even longer. He made near 25 breeds (it takes 100 days on Gen1!) on another pair, but the second pair brought this kitty from the first try. Congratulations, Bombard!

Let’s look at the chances for this breed. Here is the link to the pair in calculator.

We can see that the chances to get the combination of these two cattributes:

  • with 1 breed is 2% and 98% not to get.
  • with 25 breeds is 40% and 60%
  • with 60 breeds is 70% and 30%
  • with 100 breeds is 86% and 14%
  • with 150 breeds is 95% and 5%
  • with 200 breeds is 98% and 2%

So it might potentially require a distance of 200 breedings (3.7 Year) to get this kitty. Or you should be lucky :3
Also, take into account the time to get needed Gen1s with two pair M1 mewtations(Gen1 Persian+Cornflower and Gen1 Laperm+Cloudwhite) and the chances are also omg!


We don’t know the Bombard’s plan for this kitty, if he wants to continue breeding and create a pair to this kitty (Gen2 Onyx+Toyger) or if he prefers to sell it to the real collectors or other breeders for tens of Eth.

But anyway, Congratulations, Bombard! This kitty is awesome!


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