Clover and Oohshiny time window has been closed

Clover and Oohshiny, “bringing luck” cryptokitties were available for breeding since 15.03.19. Their time window lasted for two weeks and now is closed. Let’s look at these kitties.



The limit is 2506. It is between 2k fancies Dracula/Shipcat/Mistletoe and more mass fancies like Swish (2880) and Dreggo (3624).

Clover is 2-year fancy with minimal generation 5 and maximum 2516. There are 18 Gen5 Clovers in the game, my applause to breeders. The floor is 0.019 for now, but it will surely rise higher. The theme of this fancy is intimate to every player. Everyone wants to be lucky and Clovers can comfort those hidden hopes.

If we take a look at Clovers distribution we can find that famous whale Kitten Mittens has chosen this battle and made 1129 Clovers and his closest pursuers are Slymer with 162 Clovers and ARK with 123.

Congratulations! You made them in two weeks and it is a real classy result!



The limit is 2484. For now, it is the most numerous Purrstige in the game. Oohsiny traits were in Clover recipe so a lot of Clovers’ fails became Oohsinies.
Minimal generation is Gen3 and max is Gen2519. There are 10 Gen3 Oohshiny in the game.

For now, Oohshiny floor is 0.01, but it starts to grow.

Kitten Mittens, ARK and t_ponte  are top3 owners of Ooshinies for now. Сongratulations on successful breeding!



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