New fancy, March 30, 10AM PDT. Some details

This catturday CryptoKitties will give hints for the new Fancy. It will be breedable until 11.30.2019

Also, as Alan said Fancy is available to breed now. So you can try to find the recipe yourself without hints

As we can see this fancy has a horn so the community thinks that it is Unicorn or Alicorn. Prepare your wild elements!

On the picture, we can see the flying unicorn, so maybe it is more the alicorn, but 9th of April is a Unicorn Day. Players are also thinking about cloudwhite.

And it can be in My Little Pony style and there are a lot of variants of traits. Can it be a set of fancies? o.O


Some player expressed regret about uncertainties with the time of Fancy Chases. For those with a job, family, or other obligations isn’t always easy to drop the plans. And Poopie answered:

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