1500000 cryptokitty is born!

Congratulations everyone! It took less than 1.5 years to make 1500000 cryptokitties!

As you could read at CryptoKitties blog or from their newsletter – there was the chase for cryptokitty#1500000.

The rules were the same as during Vulcat chase – players just had to breed their kitties. There was a small chance that your kitty would become an exclusive Felono (30 limit) or Hinecatone (15 limit). And today 1.5 million kitty was born!

I congratulate all breeders that got exclusives and personally Kitten Mittens, who made #1500000 Papacatuanuku!

We all knew that it would be a bots’ battle and everybody wondered 0х4dab‘s or KM’s it would be. The scripts were started when 1499600 cryptokitty was born and the next 400 kitties were born in next 5 minutes.

KM made a special account Doofenshmirtz Lab and started dozens of breedings with a gas price of 71-511 Gwei and won that battle!


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