Goldenpaw – awesome collection of Gold Fancies from Alley Cat

At this weekend, Alley Cat, a famous CryptoKitties player has completed his masterpiece. This project took more than a half a year.

Goldenpaw is a unique collection of every fancy without eye color in the recipe. Many of them are super rare. Let’s take a detailed look and enjoy the composition.

This collection is gathered on a separate account for better visibility and called Goldenpaw after the Goldfinger James Bond movie.

Eye color Gold cattribute appeared with the start of CryptoKitties. So every fancy (except the fancies with eye color in the recipe) has a representative with Gold eyes. Potentially you can make a similar collection with Strawberry or Sizzurp for instance.

So, Alley Cat decided to start this project:

I started building this collection over 6 months ago. I always liked the gold background and I had made some nice gold fancies myself.

I soon found out that the early fancies had many gold versions but this started to decrease in later fancies. That made it pretty rare sometimes. I did not try to collect them all at first, just as many as possible slowly adding a few when they came on the market.

I almost stopped when I found out that the only gold Raspoutine was also #10. I cannot pay very high prices. But in recent months the prices of low number fancies decreased a bit. I used the new offers system to bid 1 eth for it and it was accepted. Being able to offer on cats made collecting them a lot easier and I decided then to try to get them all.

Some statistics. There are only:


This collection cannot be reproduced due to the 1/1 golden Raspoutine. Also, to make a second not-complete collection in gold color will be very expensive.

Alley Cat wants to thank everyone that was kind enough to trade rare cryptokitties with him or sold at decent rates.

Kitten Mittens kindly sold me Docpurr and Flutterbee at floor price and Carlini did the same for YuriCatsuki. One Stoic Kitty sold me a gold Berry at floor price. I had to offer on one of the only two gold Squib. One was already in the hands of a gold fancy collector. I had to increase my bid to .5 eth on the remaining cat because it was 1440/1443

After that, I bid low amounts on some of the simpler fancies like Pawrula and Pizzazz. That left me with the big 2 (Schrodinger’s Cat is always ‘forgetmenot’ eye color). I had a Catbury and Dogcat in my full fancy collection and decided to try to trade them.
After some discussions, Adidust traded his gold Catbury for my #20 Catbury, which I think was a good deal for both of us.

I am now finalising all gold versions of Boot. I have 7/8, only missing Russia.

It is hard to value this collection. It is not a full 53/53 fancy collection. On the other hand, it cannot be reproduced due to the 1/1 golden Raspoutine:

If I have to do an estimate, I’d say my collection is worth 50 eth. The floor value of the fancies is 26 eth.


Viewing this collection is very inspiring. You begin to understand that each cryptokitty is unique and there are no similar fancies. The golden background adds some significance to a fancy and the collection looks great and as a complete masterpiece!


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