KotoWars started a new season and relesed Open Authorization for developers

At the end of the weekend, KotoWars finished a biweekly season, awarded winners with cryptokitties and started the new season 6: Reinforcement.

You can read the details about new specialists in their medium post. These specialists bring new mechanics to interaction between your kitties.

New recipes are very funny: your Caffeine+Belch, Fox+Camo, and Razzledazzle+Buzzed kitties have additional utility in KotoWars.


Also, KotoWars decided to help new developers to build their own games and they released Open Authorization.


If you are a unity developer, KotoWars is giving you assets which you can use as an example to build in an authorization into your game and use cryptokitties as characters.

Open Authorization is beneficial for both developers and players: it frees devs from routine tasks of implementing the same functionality in every game and allows players to have one trusted identity provider without compromising their security.


KotoWars is handling all requests manually at the moment so hit them up if you want to be added to the list of supported projects.


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