New cool video from CK Team. Trailer? Fun? Leeks?

CryptoKitties released a very amusing video where a real cat playing with their cryptokitties. Must watch!


Devs said that it is just a fun video, but we know…

First I want to regret the poor cat that should print without backspace 🙁

And want to mention that different letters are colored with four different colours

Also, we can see some stuff at cat’s table:

Dapper mascot, Celestial Cyber Dimension, colorful balloons, a plant, a slinky, and strange symbols, which are similar to symbols at the middle of the video:

These symbols also are at living blockchain animation.

So then we can see that the cat is breeding two kitties and get a super rare unicorn cryptokitty!

Both kitties are cloudwhite, starstruck; Dame is avatar, universe, kurillian, missmuffet, crazy and Sire is luckystripe, skyblue, azaleablush/frosting(?), highlander, oceanid.

In the result of their breeding we can see their offspring with: cloudwhite, starstruck, luckystripe, universe, highlander, azaleablush/frosting(?), oceanid, roadtogold, unicorn cattributes:

So parents have hidden unicorn(flapflap+daemonhorns)/roadtogold(myparade+finalfrontier) genes, which is not impossible on gen16 (Sire’s generation).

The cat goes crazy and starts to breed their pair uncontrollably. During this insanity we can see different fancies and some exclusives:

Then we realized that a crazy cat is a player in cat costume:

And the video ends with a general picture of fancies, but look! Someone hid in the bushes! Hidden fancy-plant?

We disassembled the video almost frame by frame. Are there hints for the new fancy or not – everyone decides for himself. One more interesting detail is that the pair was found at strange Dating Website:

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