Glitter is here to steal your heart! New amazing Fancy in CryptoKitties!

A very cute new fancy has appeared on Catturday. CryptoKitties streamer Rudemoose got Glitter#1 during the Fancy recipe chase!

As we wrote, last Saturday CryptoKitties gave hints to the new fancy. Every two weeks community gather to find the recipe for a new Fancy at twitch stream hosted by our glorious Rudem00se. There a lot of players solve puzzles and guesses the clues that are published via official CryptoKitties twitter.

So, a new fancy is a violet unicorn with wings o.O. It is also looked like a Christmas ball.

It is four traits fancy that is breedable till the end of November 2019.

Glitter’s recipe is:

  • Base Colour: Hyacinth
  • Pattern: Rorschach
  • Wild: Unicorn
  • Environment: Juju

This is not a hard recipe for this time window and thanks devs for this fancy! Glitter is soooo cute, it’s already one of the most beloved in the community.

It is not a secret that there is a trend in the community to value LowID Fancies, they can cost tens of Eth. The most expensive Fancy purchases were of #1s:

And the fun fact that Rudem00se made Glitter#1 during her stream! You can see the reaction here:

Breeders already made 156 Glitters. It will be one of the high Limits fancies, but surely musthave for every CryptoKitties player!


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