Badges recipes. New page on KotoBaza

Hey everyone! KotoBaza has some pretty useful pages and now we added a special page with recipes for Badges.

The constant link is under dropdown menu “Recipes“. On the page, you can find recipes for every Badge kitty in CryptoKitties.

Other pages:

Also, there are two pages of All Fancies and Purrstiges. You can discover their limits and recipes. Pages divided into two tables: Available for breeding and Non-breedable. These pages are updated once a day:

Also, you can use a TraitChart with all genes of kitties. It contains an additional info about genes rarity at Gen0s. They are marked with colours:

At the Timeline page you can find the release dates for every cattribute, Fancy, Purrstige or Exclusive cryptokitties:

You can find the gallery of all Exclusives and Special Edition kitties:

And this is an old but working calculator.


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