New #7 Discord Weekly Highlight from Werekitty

Hey-hey! It’s a new Discord recap from Werekitty! Hurry up to read it!

In the 7th Weekly Highlight, you can discover news about last Fancy and Purrstige chases, read about new discord channels and find the links to the latest exclusives that were got by players during the race to 1.5 million kitties and from CK Team.
Werekitty highlighted interesting discussions in Discord channels and told about updates at CK and Hurry up to read and clap for this highlight!

ps: Hey, Werekitty! 
We have read the news about a little break in the Discord Highlights. We are a little saddened by this news and look forward to your return. Every week a lot of interesting events take place in CryptoKitties and it will be more difficult to keep track of them without weekly highlights.

Your recaps have shown that players have a demand for such news and thanks partially to you, we were motivated to change the format of the KotoBaza. Enjoy the rest! We will miss you a lot!


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