What is the price of a digital kitten? We’ve got some big offers this week.

Are you ready to spend $3500 for a digital kitty? And what about $17500? Some people believe that kitties are much more expensive and don’t accept these sums.


These are the words from another big player in CryptoKitties, who is also famous for his purchases. Here you can see his awesome kitties:



This game is addictive, people can’t ignore kitties charms and continue to collect and breed them. Whales can spend hundreds of eth for kitties with best parameters or of ultra scarcity.


But not only direct sales are available for players. There is a great Offers System in CryptoKitties.
You can send an offer for any cat you want and hope that the owner of the kitty will accept the deal.

In March we had some pretty big offers for #1 Fancies of year2. The most expensive were four offers worth of 64eth. They were made by one player and were accepted by cool or lucky breeders. This is the power of #1:



April has just begun, but we already have some great deals.

The month has started with an appearance of the unknown whale Moo, who made offers through the opensea for some exclusive kitties.
So, they made two offers for Furlins cost 20Eth each and they were accepted by players. Also, thee tried to buy for 40eth the Celestial Cyber Dimension that was bought by Igor Barinov for 200eth at Ethereal Summit and as expected didn’t receive an answer.

Now, they sent 5 offers cost 100eth for four exclusive Dogkitties and DracoTheMagnificent


But I think owners will not accept it because these kitties cost much more!


As we wrote, the last Saturday, Rudem00se made a #1 Glitter right during the stream and yesterday she received an offer for 21.2Eth for this kitty. And it was accepted, nice catch, Rudem00se!

And today another big offer was made by Natealex for 100Eth

I think this is the biggest offer in the history of NFTs. Kitty#1, Genesis, is the first cryptokitty in the game and it belongs to Stimpson J. Cat – a big player of December 2017. The kitten was bought for 247Eth ($117 000 Dec 2017) so I think it will not be accepted, but nice try, Natealex!

These purchases and offers prove the collectibility of NFTs and show the interest of players in buying digital items and especially cryptokitties. So if you are interested, read news on KotoBaza. We plan to explain to users what is special in cryptokitties and why it is not too late to jump on the outgoing train!

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