– must-use service for every CryptoKitties player

If you are a CryptoKitties player and want to dive deeper into the game mechanics, pricing, genetics and statistics – there are plenty of tools that can help you. And is the one of the must-have tools for every user in the game.


  1. Introduction
  2. Main page
  3. User Profile
  4. Kitty Rarity Factor
  5. Breeding Calculator
  6. Sales History
  7. Siring History
  8. Offers History
    • Active Offers
    • Fullfilled Offers
  9. Price Floor
    • Fancies
    • Purrstiges
    • Gems
    • Normal Kitties
  10. Search
    • Search Bot
  11. Leaderboards
    • Fancy Leaderboard
    • Purrstige Leaderboard
    • Gems Leaderboard
    • Fancy Distribution
    • Purrstige Distribution
    • Gen0s Distribution
    • Gems Distribution
    • Top Buyers
    • Top Breeders
    • Top accounts evaluated by floor
  12. User Balance
  13. Trait tools
    1. Family Jewels
    2. Trait Charts
    3. Traits Rarity

1. Introduction was created by NickG#0650 in December 2018. He is a veteran in CryptoKitties who is playing from the very beginning.  Nick wondered why there was no comfy tool for searching and sorting cryptokitties and also wanted to get practice of working with blockchain. 
In turn, we had a very popular page at KotoBaza – price-stats, it displayed the floor for Fancies and some rare Gen0 and Gen1 traits. Players constantly wrote and asked to add more functionality to the page, so I was very happy that a strong developer has appeared who was willing to spend his time on implementing all the ideas I had. So, I am proud that thanks to our union we have this amazing service now!

This is the first version of Kittyhelper:

Kittyhelper 1st version


Kittyhelper – is a great service, which allows players to find the latest market data, such as sales/sirings/offers history, price floors for every valuable kitties parameter (Jewels, Fancy, Purrstige, SE, Exclusive, LowGen Mewtations). At KH, you can find different leaderboards and other statistics from the game. Also, there are some helpful charts and the best kitties search. You can get an approximate estimate of the cryptokitty and a whole player’s account. The breeding calculator is the best of all existing calcs. Also, you can buy kitties or breed through 

Read this tutorial and become a cryptokitties expert!

2. Main Page

The Main Page of Kittyhelper shows the general statistics of CryptoKitties and the latest market news.

You can find the information about the total amount of players, active accounts and new users in CryptoKitties


Then you can see the Floor for each JewelGen0s, and random Fancy with links to desired sections. Also, there is the list of breedable Fancies to the moment.


Then you can find the information about the largest purchases of cryptokitties in the last 24 hours.


And at the bottom, you can discover some interesting graphics with useful cryptokitties statistics, you can filter it by date:

  • Eth Volume
  • Number of active players
  • Number of new players
  • New kitties


I start my day by visiting the Main Page of Kittyhelper. There collected all the necessary information to have an idea what’s going on in CryptoKitties.

3. User Profile

There is an option to log in with your ethereum address on Kittyhelper. This gives additional opportunities to work with the site. 
Firstly, it adds an ability to search within your wallet at Search section without entering it manually. Also, it adds a possibility to buy and breed kitties directly through Kittyhelper. It is very helpful when there are some transactions’ errors during purchasing at CryptoKitties, also it is easier for me to manage my breeding pairs.

Your profile is just summary information about kitties you have. You can check any wallet that you want with this service.

At first tab Profile, you can find the number of kitties with additional value at the wallet and how many of them are on Sales or Siring auctions.


The Kitties tab is the fastest way to sort kitties at the wallet. There are a lot of options, you can read more about them in 10. Search section.


Own fancy market tab shows fancies on sale and compares them with the floor.


Estimated floor value is mostly a fun tool. It appraises all cryptokitties at the wallet by the floor of their type and does not take into account the individual characteristics of each kitty. You can choose which kitties to appraise (Fancies, Purrstiges, Gen0s, Gems)


4. Breeding Calculator

Now we have four working calculators:

I think that KH calculator is the best. It constantly updates every Fancy or Purrstige chases and support as many pairs as you want. Сolour differentiation allows you to quickly understand the expected result. Also, you can breed your pair directly from NickG site or choose the option “breed on”


5. Kitty rarity factors

KRF is a useful service for new players to approximately estimate their cryptokitties. You just need to enter an ID of the kitty and KH will show you some rare factors of your kitty and its minimal price. You should understand that often the real price of a cat is made up of a combination of these factors.
For example, this Gen0 kitty is very rare and their lowest price is about 2.74Eth (Googly floor), but the combination of these rarity factors increase the price significantly.


6. Sales History

Sales History is the best way to start understanding the market of CryptoKitties. There you can trace all purchases in the game and you can sort them by different filters and date. It is very useful during the selection of a niche where you plan to earn in CryptoKitties. Also, it is a great help to understand the mood of the market at a specific time.


Some examples:

  • The floor for amethyst suddenly was raised and you want to know who bought them
  • You are aiming for Alicorn Gen4 production and want to know the demand for them in the last three months
  • You found in the leaderboard that “What is the Meta Carlini?” increased the score and want to know which kitties did he bought
  • You want to know how many fancies were sold in last 24hours
  • You have an Otaku Gen2 kitty and want to know if players are even buying them

A lot of filters makes a Sales History an irreplaceable tool if you want to understand why people are buying the concrete kitties.

7. Siring History

It can be new for you, but the Siring market in CryptoKitties is pretty alive. Many players place their kitties for siring and gain a passive income. This market is more saturated with concurents and requires more fine-tuning prices. Also, it is more active during chases when players put their spare-parts for Fancies and Purrstiges for breeders. Siring History can give you detailed statistics for kitties that are in demand.


8. Offers History

Offers History are divided into two parts:

You can consider Offers History as a version of Sales History, but for kitties which are more desirable for buyers. This statistics also help to understand the pricing.


9. Price Floor

Price Floor is an awesome service for sorting kitties on sale. Gems/Fancies/Purrstiges/Exclusives/SE cryptokitties have an additional value in the game. Exclusive and SE floors are simple – there are no a lot of parameters to sort. I will start with the


There are a lot of variants of how players value Fancies in CryptoKitties. Not all of them are popular, but there are some parameters which are popular enough to sort them:

  • Limit (Quantity of Fancies)
  • Generation (The lower the generation, the harder to breed, the more expensive)
  • IDs (LowIDs and LastIDs worth more)
  • Virginity (Fancy has no children)
  • Perfectbred (Parents are not Fancies – harder to breed)
  • FancyFamily (One of the parents is not a Fancy)
  • Year (The count starts from December 01)

You can sort each fancy by these parameters. At the top, you can see Floor price of the full set (for now it is 51Eth).
At every row, you can discover the information about Fancy, their min/max gen, year, limit and quantity on sale. Examples:

Each price is clickable and follows to the kitty at CryptoKitties. Also, there is an option to buy a kitten directly through Kittyhelper.



Floor for Purrstiges works with the same logic as for Fancies. You can sort purrstiges on sale by generation, IDs and virginity.



Jewels floor shows four rows for every kind of jewel in game. You can hover the cursor to jewel to see its name. And you can add some filters:

  • Cattribute (the floor for Alicorns with gem)
  • Generation (the floor for Gen0 kitties with gem)
  • Total Count (the floor for kitties with any five gems of any generation)
  • Concrete Count (the floor for kitties with two amethysts of any generation)


Normal Kitties

Normal Kitties is the floor for every gene at any position. It is a bit more complicated floor because you should understand the genetic system and know how to read Traits Table. Some traits are rarer at lower generations, some traits have a lower limit, so you can add any genes you need and see the prices. By the default, KH shows to us some rare Gen0 kitties. Some sortings:

  • The floor for M3 mewtations at Gen3 (best generation)
  • The floor for Gen0 kitties with genes that can be only at H2/H3 positions (marked brown) of Gen0s


10. Search


Search is a mustuse service for every player in CryptoKitties. I use it every day for more fine-tuning filters. There you can find filters for each kitties parameter or type, cryptokitties for Badges, kittens with primary jewels and Family jewels, filter cryptokitties by owner, Bio, ID. You can find Vintage or kitties with Original Graphics and a lot of other useful filters. Some examples:

This is a veeery useful service for an accurate appraisal of your cryptokitty or to learn different statistics or to discover different floors in the game. In conjunction with Sales History, Kittyhelper gives you a powerful tool to understand the market. You can save your queries for the future. Also, you can buy kitties directly through KH.

Search Bot

Search Bot is a new experimental feature at Kittyhelper.
How many times did you look at other bots or players, who were buying good kitties at a clearly undervalued price? Or how many times you couldn’t find the best pair for your kitty and didn’t want to check the market every day?

Nick wants to help players with cryptokitties search. You can activate the Search Bot for your queries if there are no kittens matched with your request. Max total checks of one query is 1000 and a checking frequency is every 10-15 min so your query will be checking for 1 week.

For example, you want to buy a Gen4 Gemini for 0.03Eth and you know that there is one at auction with the decreasing price and you don’t want to check this kitty every day. So you can save a query and enable the Search Bot.


This is a nice feature and you could found a lot of use cases for it.

11. Leaderboards

There are some Leaderboards at Kittyhelper. Nick sorts players’ accounts by different parameters. Leaderboards are a good incentive for players to buy and breed kittens. Some big purchases were made by players to increase their score. The score depends on the countable parameters of cryptokitties.

Fancy Leaderboard


There are four leaderboards for fancy owners:

  • Low number is the best – this is the sorting of accounts according to Fancies with lowest Fancy ID (#1 is better than #2)
  • High number is the best – this is the sorting of accounts according to Fancies with highest Fancy ID (#100 is better than #99)
  • Low gen is the best – this is the sorting of accounts according to Fancies lowest generation (Gen4 is better than Gen5)
  • High gen is the best – this is the sorting of accounts according to Fancies highest generation (Gen24 is better than Gen20)

The difference (score) is taken between each score and the best possible score, making 0 always a perfect score. The priority of the leaderboard – the fullness of the collection. There is a search field to find account in the leaderboard.

Purrstige Leaderboard


There are four leaderboards for purrstige owners. They have the same rules as Fancy Leaderboard.

Gems Leaderboard


“Collection” shows how complete a collection is, with at least one Gem per Gemmable Cattribute.

  • The “Best Collection” score is based on the value of the best Gem owned for each Cattribute. Used only to compare collections of the same completeness.
  • The “Lowest Number” score is based on the mewtation number of the best Gem owned for each Cattribute. Used only to compare collections of the same completeness.
  • The “Total Score” is based on the total number of Mewtation Gems owned by an account.

Each Gem type scores a different point value:

  • Diamond = 3600 pts
  • Gilded = (3600/9) = 400 pts
  • Amethyst = (3600/90) = 40 pts
  • Lapis = (3600/400) = 4 pts


  • Diamond is best – accounts are sorted by the number of kitties with diamonds
  • Gilded is best – accounts are sorted by the number of kitties with gildeds
  • Amethyst is best – accounts are sorted by the number of kitties with amethysts
  • Lapis is best – accounts are sorted by the number of kitties with lapises

Fancy Distribution


This is a leaderboard sorted by the number of Fancies on the account. You can add Generation, ID, and Virginity to filters. Also, you can choose a concrete type of Fancy

Purrstige Distribution


This is a leaderboard sorted by the number of Purrstiges on the account.

Gen0 Distribution


This is a leaderboard sorted by the number of Gen0 cryptokitties on the account.

Gems Distribution

This is a leaderboard with the accounts sorted by the number of kitties with Jewels. You can filter it by type.

TOP buyers

This is a leaderboard with the accounts sorted by the Eth spent on buying cryptokitties. You can filter it by date.

TOP breeders

This is a leaderboard with the accounts sorted by the number of breedings. You can filter it by date.

TOP accounts floor value

This is a leaderboard mostly for fun. KH appraise cryptokitties by the floor of their type and does not take into account the individual characteristics of each kitty.

12. User Balance

This is a service, where you can check the statistics for each account individually. There you can see

  • How many Eth were spent by the account on CryptoKitties
  • Total profit of the account
  • Earned Eth via sales
  • Earned Eth via siring
  • Balance by offers



13. Trait Tools

Trait Tools – are some useful tools to help CryptoKitties players

Family Jewels – is a tool to understand which cattributes have a jewel in kittie’s family tree


Traits Chart – is a visual representation of CryptoKitties Genetics. It shows which pairs of genes can mutate. You can sort them by Trait Group.


Traits Rarity – is a statistics on the number of each trait in the primary position (a cattribute) of Gen0-Gen4 cryptokitties.


NickG is an awesome developer. He made all this functionality in just three months! His productivity is amazing. He always listens to the feedback of the community, which constantly asks to add new features at the #kittyhelper channel in the official CryptoKitties Discord. His TODO list is huge and there are a lot of plans on Kittyhelper.
You can always support the project via donating cryptokitties at this page. Kittyhelper already gathered a harmonious family of kittens and they are welcome to new friends!



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