New Fancy in CryptoKitties, April 13, 10AM PDT

Ahoy, Matey! This Saturday CryptoKitties will give hints for the new Fancy!

It looks like we will have a cryptokitty-pirate! 
The community is wondering what it will be like. Most hope that it will be a rare Fancy(with a short breedable window) or difficult (Five+ traits in the recipe).

The most logical cattributes are:

  • Beard (Neckbeard)
  • Junglebook (Parrot on the shoulder)
  • Salty
  • Seafoam?

The hints will be published by official CryptoKitties Twitter on April 13, 10AM PDT. All Hand Hoy!

More awesome pictures by @CryptoKitties.Designer

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