All Hand Hoy! New Fancy and Purrstigies in CryptoKitties!

The Pirate Month in CryptoKitties! Join the Treasures’ Hunt! You can get seven new Purrstiges and The Captain Furbeard.

As we wrote, last Catturday CryptoKitties gave hints to the new fancy. Also, they released seven new purrstiges and now we have new amazing cryptokitties to breed.

UPDATE: There is an option to combine Furbeard fancy and Purrbados/Wrecked environment. As a result, players will get these fancies:


To get these fancies, you should add PU26+EN00 or PU26+EN01 genes to the recipe, so it will be five-trait fancy.
You can find their amount here:

Devs said that it is not a Fancy+Purrstige kitty, but fancy variants like Boots:


End of Update

I want to separately highlight the awesome clues, that Alan prepared to this chase. One can see that they are made with love and they are very interesting.




So, now we have cryptokitties-pirates

Captain Furbeard is a three-traits fancy.

Avast ye! I’m the dread pirate Furbeard, and I’ll most likely scratch you in the morning. This Old Salt knows a few tricks: how to avoid a meowtiny, how to get out of swabbing the litter deck, and just where the captain’s log is buried. Beware the Krakitten in the briny deep. Or is that Pickles?

Its recipe is:

  • HiColour: Inflatablepool
  • AcColour: Hanauma
  • Mouth: Neckbeard

The first one was made by Derek@7051 Congratulations!
Now Furbeard#1 is for sale аt a price of 21Eth with 0.26Eth floor.


This fancy is breedable till 04.27.19. The recipe is not hard, so I think the limit will be around 2000-4000. Yo Ho Ho!


Also, seven new Purrstiges are available for breeding:

  • Wrecked
    • Environment: EN00 (Salt_00)
    • Purrstige: PU26
  • Purrbados
    • Environment: EN01 (Salt_01)
    • Purrstige: PU26
  • Scratchingpost
    • Wild: WE10 (Feat_10)
    • Purrstige: PU26
  • Timbers
    • Wild: WE10 (Feat_10)
    • Environment: EN00 (Salt_00)
    • Purrstige: PU26
  • Maraud
    • Wild: WE10 (Feat_10)
    • Environment: EN01 (Salt_01)
    • Purrstige: PU26
  • Hooked
    • Wild: WE10 (Feat_10)
    • Purrstige: PU27
  • Landlubber
    • Wild: WE10 (Feat_10)
    • Purrstige: PU29


They are breedable till 05.10.19

The pirate theme is very exciting and the players are very happy that we have these funny new buckokittens. CryptoKitties made a nice guide on how to breed pirate kitties.


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