Leeks to the new Search Interface in CryptoKitties!

Great news from the Discord channel #build-in-public – Devs showed screenshots of the new Search interface. And it looks dope!


So, we all know that Search in CryptoKitties is a bit outdated 🙂
Players should use commands to find kitties with special parameters, like mewtation:amethyst or pregnant:true and others. This is not very convenient, so players use 3d-party sites like https://kittyhelper.co/search/ 
You can read a useful guide about KH Search here.

Last week CryptoKitties posted some leeks of the new interface they are working on. And we can see a great redesign is coming!


There will be a sterling group of filters based on checkboxes and expands. Sorting cryptokitties will be even more convenient!


Players would be able to choose several parameters via clicking on them.


We can still see that there are no options to choose the PU and SE genes. There are no community gradations like Virgins, Perfectbreds, FancyFamily, Fancies/PurrstigesID, there is no search through FamilyJewels, BIO, Badges or OG kitties either, but maybe they will be added in the future.

New Search interface looks very cool! It is very neat and meets the needs of the community. Look forward to this update. Thanks, CryptoKitties Team!

CryptoKitties exclusive animation


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