KotoWars season 7 comes to an end. Some leaks to the new interface and video of the multiplayer!

KotoWars is a game where you can play with your cryptokitties. For now, it is a single-player campaign where players aim to get more points during the season to receive more valuable prizes.


In the latest medium post about Season 7: Anticipation we could find that user interface awaits changes to make it more convenient to navigate and view your cryptokitties collection. Also, the first video of the multiplayer was published at the official KotoWars youtube channel.

For now, we see that two players can already interact with each other with their kitty-fighters. The Specialists will be added later, as well as ranking pvp-system.

Let’s take a look at the new UI:


The gangs will be a separate essence including decks and Champions. We can see some statistics and particular qualities of the gangs.
And on the next screen, we can see that every kitty could have their own items, which players can proudly display in the future.


These items will be the NFT tokens which can be gained during the gameplay or bought with currencies. For the early adopters, who hold Alpha Tokens will be released limited edition KotoWars Alpha set.
So hurry up to earn KATs and cryptokitties! It seems we will get the Kotowars Beta rather sooner than later 😉


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