All you need to know about CryptoKitties&Mythereum event. Feedback and hints.

On Saturday, April 20, there will be another community event held by trading card game – Mythereum. The Special Edition cryptokitty Sparkles is a grand prize for the winner, also there will be prizes for other participants.


If you are a cryptokitties player who wants to understand their chances and expenses to participate in Mythereum tournament or if you are a user who starts studying blockchain games, this is a tutorial or the kind of feedback from the player who looks at the game from the first glance. Here I want to describe the basis of the game and help readers to understand whether it worth a try.

TLDR: If you are ready to spend around 0.03eth and few hours for playing, calculating and reading the articles it is definitely worth a try. I doubt that you will win, but you will get consolatory prizes and fun.



So, Mythereum is a step-by-step trading card game. Players build the deck of at least 5 cards (heroes) and try to defeat the opponent’s heroes or reduce their health to zero. Every cryptokitty can be forged into the hero (Mythicat). It will take stats according to their gen, cooldown and rarest cattribute.

  • Here you can read about cryptokitties on Mythereum
  • Here you can read about the community event
  • Here you can read about the cryptokitties forging mechanics
  • Here you can read about Mythereum gameplay, detailed with Mythicats
  • Mythereum game tutorial
  • Official CryptoKitties Discord, #mythereum channel for questions
  • Official Mythereum Discord, #mythicat channel for questions
The summary from the posts above:
  • To take part in this event the player needs to forge at least 5 kitties into mythicats and form the deck
  • Forging kitties is a transaction which put tokens on Mythereum Contract. It costs the gas price (0.0003eth or $0.03)
  • Players can always Unforge their kitties and return them to the player’s wallet. It costs 0.0025eth ($0.4)


  • Players need to place their kitties in a new deck and register in the tournament
  • The qualifiers begin around 9AM PDT, April 20


  • Players should pew-pew their opponents

You can forge your kitties, build the deck and test it in current Duels. There are some players and bots who help you to understand the process. Also, you can get free survivors cards and complete quests. It is useful to tie your discord account to receive notifications from Mythereum bot about battles.


The gameplay
  • It is a turn-by-turn game


  • The minimum number of cards is 5
  • The main card on the table is a Leader Card (1). It attacks the opponent or defends the player
  • There are 4 support cards (2) that you can drop on leader’s place or switch with the card from the deck (3) (this action ends your turn)
  • At the top of the gameboard, you can find whose turn is now (4)
  • Player attacks the opponent with the Leader Card. If the opponent’s shield (5) is below Leaders Card attack (5) the enemy receives damage equal to the difference between the number of attack and shield
  • Every turn the player gets Magick points (6) that are used to activate Leaders card abilities (7). Those points are randomly divided between 3 Magick types (6)
  • Abilities activate automatically if the Leader has enough points and a non-zero additional stat
  • In order to activate a card ability, a player needs matching Magick in their Magick pool as compared to that on the bottom. If a player doesn’t have the minimum in each category(s), the ability will not fire (Additionally, if a player has a hybrid card their attack ability will fire when they play it, so a player needs to have double the Magick if plans on using the defensive ability as well)
  • The game ends when any player’s health drops to zero or all five cards run out

On first glance, the rules are simple, but in fact, players need to calculate magicks and foresee the opponent’s actions. Sometimes players should use nohero cards to get magicks, sometimes players should sacrifice their leaders to use others with more suitable abilities in the next rounds. The game calculates the power of your deck trying to balance players by adding more HitPoints or gained magicks per turn, but in fact, a more balanced deck with stronger cats always wins. It is not hard to understand the right moves during the game. I recommend you to read the articles I posted above and watch this helpful video made by Yespa.

Forging kitties


  • Mythicats’ parameters depend on cryptokitties gen, cooldown and the rarest cattribute.
  • On average a gen 3 -5 kitten with speedier types of cooldowns will have the best Forge outcomes.
  • The lower the generation, the better Mythicat’s attack statistics (1)
  • The lower cooldown, the better Mythicat’s health statistics (2)
  • Cattribute is responsible for the kitties’ skill (ability) (5)
  • For now, only 123 cattributes have abilities (others don’t count)
  • There are 21 MythiCat abilities


  • Ability (3) is a skill that temporarily adds health/attack or both to your mythicat parameters
  • Abilities vary only in cost (4) and the amount of temporary stats
  • The abilities that cost more magicks produce more Magicks per turn but require more turns to build up that amount
  • Fancies always gain Kitty Hiss ability
  • The best kitties are with one stat (attack or defense) above 40
  • The best decks have a combination of attack, defense and hybrid types of abilities
  • Personal suggestion from pro-player is to build a 7-card deck:
    • 2x Attackers (00/XX)
    • 2x Defenders (XX/00)
    • 2x Hybrid (XX/YY)
    • 1x Evader (?)
  • Mythereum uses OpenSea data to determine mythicats stats and there are no tools to automatically understand mythicat future parameters, so you need to calculate them manually. Here you can find out how to do this

In my experience, you should pay more attention to the formation of your deck than the gameplay. Random cats with bad stats do not win this game. Most of my first cats turned out to be hybrids, but this does not lead to the victory – you cannot find the right leader to attack or defend and just waste your magicks. 
Also, a good way to select kitties you want to forge is to check Mythereum Discord channel #mythicat where player posted dozens of images with forged kitties and their abilities.


So, one of the greatest cattributes are Asif, Isotope, Hyacinth, Peppermint etc.. Also, lowgen Ducats and Dreggos without children are forging into great mythicats. You need a bit of research to understand the logic.
There is a balance formula between stats base and stats abilities. Mythicats can be the glass cannons, tough tanks or solid balance attackers. Low health on cards gives players higher health and vice versa.

Also, you should read about a skirmish mode rules if you want to participate in the tourney, there is a bit advantage to the first round winner.

If you don’t have enough lowgen/lowCooldown kitties it worth anyway to take part in the tournament. Mythereum will award everyone who wins at least one battle. I also advise to name yourself with your CryptoKitties Discord names to gain more fun and show off.


Some words about the future of the game. In fact, I think that for now, the game is more likely play-to-win. You can’t achieve the highest pvp ranks without best cards, which you can buy at the marketplace or upgrade your current cards for the in-game currency. It doesn’t work in CryptoKitties&Mythereum event, because all kitties of the same gen/generations are approximately equal and only decks with mythicats are allowed to participate. But the founders cards and some cards which I have seen other players have are incredibly strong or require a small amount of Magics.

But I like the position of the devs, they really try to balance the game. There are nuances that you will discover during the game. Devs also want to develop the game in the direction of interoperability and have plans to team up with other games like chainbreakers or steemmonsters and others. They spend thousands of dollars to the prize pools to help players to build users’ market and earn eth. And I will follow the development of the project with interest after the end of the event.


See you at the tournament!



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