The Results of the first community event in CryptoKitties

The randomness of blockchain determined the winners and three participants were awarded with Sparkles!


As we wroteCryptoKitties proposed community to lead events which CK is ready to promote and support with prizes. As an example of these events, CryptoKitties started The Unicorn Set ChallengeThe rules were simple – complete the Badge Sets with Unicorn or Alicorn cryptokitties.

As a result, there were 52 participants who completed the task. And only one player, Forthewin, made the hardest one – Scaredy Unicorn Cats.


The process of determining the winners you can find in the official CryptoKitties Discord at #contests-events channel:


So the winners are: 





Congratulations to the winners. They were awarded with these beautiful Sparkles!
Players will be able to win the next Special Edition kitty in Mythereum community event. Don’t miss it this Saturday!


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