The results of the CryptoKitties&Mythereum Community Event.

CryptoKitties member has won the 4th Special Edition (100 limit) CryptoKitty: Sparkles! Players own only 4 of 100 such cats and the current floor is 50Eth!


Mythereum is one of the first games which uses interoperability of NFT game assets. And your tokens (CryptoKitties; in the future WarRiders/Chainbreakers/otherNFTs) can be forged into strong warriors (cards) within the game. You can raid caravans and bandits with these warriors for resources and build your own stronghold!
Or upgrade your mythereum tokens for MX (in-game currency) and sell them on the marketplace (Opensea).


As we wrote Mythereum held a tournament for cryptokitties players and it was one of the community events with The Special Edition kitty – Sparkles as a grandprize. CryptoKitties players had to spend their time to discover the battling and the forging mechanics in Mythereum and some of them took part in the tournament. There were four qualifications on Saturday and The Finals on Sunday.

Mythereum wrote a nice article covering the event and plan to make a full post-game review of the battles. We look forward to.

Nearly all qualification’s participants, as well as participants of the Final Day, were awarded with random cryptokitties and Dai. Also, Mythereum Team members held giveaways in their Discord and Twitter. The prizes were as different fancies and as well as AeonCat (Special edition limit 380, the floor is 0.58eth), also this cool Dinosaur (Rare Genesis Card, currently one on sale, Animal, very good parameters) was raffled.

So only Mythicats (CryptoKitties) edition cards could take part in this tournament and the finalists were CryptoKitties players Byzantist and Waltmeister. 

And the winner is Waltmeister who got his Second Sparkles. The first Sparkles he also won in Scaredy Unicorn Cats event. 

I want to add that there was a disadvantage for old Mythereum players because it was difficult for them to understand which kitties they need to buy for forging to make stronger warrior’s parameters. But TheHermitMonk and Highhaschdi were in semi-finals. Respect for you folks!


It was a nice event with exciting games in The Final Day. Also, there was a live stream for several hours and o lot of positive energy during the tournament. Mythereum players have a nice community and hope someday I will see a CryptoKitties Alliance in the game.

Mythereum plan to hold weekly tournaments (and culminating end-of-year tourney for the seasonal players) with decks where players can use only Mythicats and maybe we will see another event with Sparkles as an award for the winner.




And I want to thanks Yespa for his useful guides for CryptoKitties players.
If players want to discover the game with their kitties, I recommend starting with claiming free leaders and upgrading mines. Then I made some decks (with my strong kitties and free survivors) for farming MX (in-game currency) in battles. And a band of My Kitties is robbing pure Mythereum bots now 🙂


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