Some subtotals of The Pirate Month. Limits, monster-kitty, new purrstige.

Furbeard is a new Boot-type fancy of 4k limit. New Krakken recipe is pretty hard. New purrstige promises interoperability.


The Pirate month in CryptoKitties will end in 8 days with closing the breeding window of Kitties-pirates. We can’t breed more Furbeards but we have a new Krakitten from the kitties-monsters’ lore.



The recipe of the Furbeard was not hard. All Inflateblepool, Hanauma and Neckbeard kitties could became the fancy. So players made 3733 kitties with these traits. And Furbeard is a new 4k limit fancy. It settled down between Dreggo and TallyThePurrocious

So we should expect their floor around 0.015-0.03eth in the coming months.

The more interesting thing is that Furbeard is a new “Boot-type” fancy. A Fancy with some changes in appearance according to the genome.
If breeders added EN01+PU26 or EN00+PU26 traits (Purrbados and Wrecked purrstiges), they could get Furbeard on the Isle or Furbeard on the Raft.

It turned the recipe of Furbeard into 5-traits fancy, that is hard enough to make. So players made only 363 Furbeards on the Isle and 298 Furbeards on Raft and it is a pretty nice limit.

KittyHelper has a special tab for them (as it is made for Boots).

So the full kitties-pirates set contains 10 kitties. Seven Purrstiges and three Fancy. And looks like it is only for hard core collectors as it is with Boots.


I like the new system that CK made. The players during the chase can set task and target different complexity layers.
So they can breed 2-trait purrstige and receive different combinations of the purrstige traits or 3-trait fancy. But if you are a pro-breeder you can try to breed 5-trait fancy, but your fails could be also valuable as fancies and purrstiges.


The same was during Ande or Clover chases. Thanks, CK Team!




Our assumptions before the Fancy Chase were wrong 🙂 It’s not a Davy Jones monster pirate, but a kitten-kraken. This fancy is breedable till 07.05.19. and has 4 traits in the recipe:

  • Pattern: Splat
  • Accent Colour: Cobalt
  • Wild: Ducky
  • Environment: Salty

The recipe is not so hard, but there are no good spare-parts on the market. And some breeders decided not to participate in this chase. Only 278 Krakittens were born for 4 days and 5 days left. Surely the speed will increase to the end of the chase. So, I think it will be 1k maybe even 2k limit fancy. So the floor will be similar to the floor of another monster-kitty Pawzilla, maybe less.


New Purrstige

CryptoKitties posted an intriguing twit, where they announced a new purrstige in the glory of one of the best things in blockchain – Interoperability 
The traits will be posted on May 1 at 10Am PDT!

Players started to discuss what it could be and even posted an old post (April 09) from 0xUniverse


But 0xUniverse devs don’t know anything about it, so sorry PhuZiqaat and Dukecat, no more space-theme kitties.
According to some Mythereum activity, the new Purrstige features could be indirectly related to them and we will have a new set. We look forward to.


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