Botty – good bot, who catches and returns kitties that were accidentally listed at understated prices.

If you made a mistake in numbers during the selling cryptokitty and it was immediately bought for an understated price – check who is the buyer. There is a chance that your kitty will be returned.

UPD (03.04.2021). Botty has been offline for some time now because of gas costs but it is ready to return when there is popular demand.

Blockchain doesn’t forgive mistakes. You should always be attentive while working with contracts. One forgotten zero and you sell your digital property ten times cheaper than planned. Sometimes players want to put kitties on Siring Contract, but accidentally confuse it with Sales Contract.

And there are enough players who are watching markets for cheap fancies/purrstiges/jewels/Gen0s and other kitties with additional value.
I can remember dozens of sad cases. To learn more about such cases you can either check the Sales History or read this article. I think the most expensive Fancy mistake was the sale of the Dogcat for 0.01Eth (the floor is 5Eth).

Also, CryptoKitties market is monitored by bots that are configured to buy various floors and use the human factor as a means of enrichment. But not all of them are bad!


Botty – is a good bot made by AlleyCat

AlleyCat made the lost-and-found service, which helps players to return their kitties.

Note: most of the mispriced kitties are not caught by Botty but go to other bots. So it’s not a perfect failsafe but it’s a start. If you’ve mispriced your kitty and it’s bought by a bot, you can ask in Discord channel #botty-lost-and-found

There are also some rules for this service:

  • Kitties will stay on Botty’s account for 7 days during which they can be claimed. After that, they will be transferred out. The proceeds go to the further development and maintenance of Botty
  • If your cat is caught, you can get it back for the price that Botty bought it at plus the tx cost. The tx cost is typically very low but this can vary. Botty will not profit from your cat but will also not return it at a loss
  • The cats will only be returned to the address that listed them and the eth to get them back also needs to be paid from that account. This will prevent abuse

This is a good example that bots can be used for good. Botty already returned dozens of kitties to players:

  • This Gene Dough was caught by Botty for 0.002 and was returned to Devo
  • Five Huacools were returned to Noob for 0.077
  • Botty caught this Alxo’s Raspoutine for 0.011
  • This Ark’s lapis Gen3 cloudwhite was caught for 0.002
  • This BananaKitty’s two-lapises kitty was caught for 0.011

There are two addresses of Botty:

You can find the history of their purchases via links:

I also want to thanks AlleyCat for this great service. Personally I made mistakes during the sales and the feeling of it is very frustrating. And now we have hope, that kitties are not necessarily lost forever.


If you want to help AlleyCat, you always can send some eth to Botty’s accounts, so AlleyCat can add more flexible parameters to the bot and help even more players to return their kitties!


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