Only a Mother. Submit your ugliest kitty and win Sparkles!

In honor of the first Ugly Kitty Contest that was originally held by CryptoKitties411, the next CryptoKitties Community Event will be a new Ugly Kitty Contest!


Yet another community event “Only a Mother” started last Saturday and is held by CryptoKitties player Byzantinist.
The first place will get Special edition cryptokitty – Sparkles, the runners up will get Swag packs and T-shirts from CryptoKitties.


The rules of the contest are simple:

  • Everyone can participate
  • The participant’s Kitty must be born between June 01, 2019 – June 05, 2019, 11:59 PM PDT
  • The cryptokitty should be ugly 🙂
  • Each player can enter only one cryptokitty for this contest (be care – multiple kitties is the reason to disqualify any or all entries)
  • Once an ugly Kitty is entered for the contest, it needs to remain in the wallet until the end of the contest


  • To enter players should send the information about the Kitty via:
    • Tweet (@cryptokitties)
    • or Post on Discord in #contest-events channel 
    • or e-mail (byzantinekitty [@]
  • The information should contain:
    • The ID number of the Kitty which player would like to enter
    • Twitter username/Discord handle/e-mail
    • Kitty’s answer to any one of the interview question (listed below)
    • Any optional art or media that players Kitty would like to submit


There will be a panel of Judges, including:

  • Byzantinist
  • Derpy
  • AlanFalcon
  • One special surprise guest judge

The list of entered Kitties will be made public on a Google Sheet so that players can confirm that their entry was successfully received.

Each judge will independently score each kitten a 1-10 score (1 being the worst score, 10 being the best score) for physical appearance and a 1-10 score for personality. The judging will be done on a public Google Sheet before being finalized in the winner announcement. The averaged scores will be based on the ratings of the judges.


Physical appearance includes the image of the cat. It may also include obscured traits (like a tail hidden by tinybox or drift).

Personality includes Kitty’s response to the interview question, Kitty’s bio, and any optional art or media the Kitty submits.


1 bonus point will be earned if player bred the Kitty himself (keep the Kitty in the wallet it was bred in)
Total Score = Final Physical Appearance Score + Final Personality Score + any Bonus points


Interview Questions (select one)
  • What do beauty and ugliness mean to you? Which are you and why?
  • If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
  • Describe your purrfect mate.
  • If you win, how would you better the Kittyverse for your fellow cats?
  • (Design your own interview question and answer it)

The official rules you can find here.


The first Ugly Kitty contest was held by Jodiferousthe creator of the first CryptoKitties fansite and this is the story about how famous Jokecat has appeared. Thanks to Byzantinist for this community event. I hope that it will become an annual tradition in CryptoKitties.


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