WrappedCryptoKitties – cryptocurrency backed by cryptokittens!

Can cryptokitties be fungible? Can we trade ten normal kitties for the Fancy? What is the cost of the cheapest cryptokitty?

WrappedCryptoKitties Token or WCK ready to answer these questions.

This service offers a smart contract that returns WCK Token for every kitty that was sent to it and then the user again can swap each WCK Token into another cryptokitty. It sounds simple, but it opens a lot of opportunities for players and CryptoKitties.

  1. What is the price of cryptokitty?
  2. What is WCK Token?
  3. The usage of WCK
  4. How to get WCK
What is the price of cryptokitty?

Unlike most other dapps, the tokens’ production in CryptoKitties is in the hands of the players. A user needs two tokens (parents) to create a new one. And it doesn’t matter how expensive these kitties-parents are, the production cost for every cryptokitty is 0.008Eth and kitten has a chance to take the additional value and become much more expensive than his parents.

In fact, the purpose for breeding (token production) is to create a cryptokitty with an additional value, which can be sold for more than 0.008Eth
The cryptokitties with additional value are Fancies/Purrstiges/Jewels/Badges/NiceIDs/Family Gems/Gen0s/Lowgen mewtations/The traits combos/OGs/etc

I think that more than ~80(?)% normal of cryptokitties will have the price below breeding fee. The price will be fluctuating during fancy/purrstige chases which will demand for a concrete traits.

And each player as an experienced mass breeder, as well as a beginner, sooner or later collect cryptokitties which are hard to sale. They could be very cute and special for owners but have no outstanding features. So everyone decides for themselves what to do with those kitties.

Mass breeders usually send these kitties to the market with the price descending to zero. And this is how the floor of cryptokitties forms. For now, it is around 0.0019Eth. They call these kitties “fancy fails“, but how dare they call these beautiful kittens fails!

These cheap kitties are surely unique as every NFT and you cannot find two similar kitties. But to the moment the demand for their cattributes or cattributes’ combos on a certain generation is lower than offered. And we can treat cryptokitties at the floor as just fungible tokens.


Wrapped cryptokitties

WrappedKitties.com – is a smart-contract made by Kabciane. Join official CryptoKitties Discord channel – #wrappedkitties to reach out the creator.

The rules are simple

  • User can send a cryptokitty via the site to the contract and receive one ERC20 WCK Token
  • User can send a WCK Token to the contract and receive a random cryptokitty
  • User can send a WCK Token to the contract and receive a specific cryptokitty

Each WCK Token backed by real cryptokitty. You can find them at this address:

To the moment there are 4797 kitties as well as 4797 WCK Tokens (50000 to the end of April 2020). The Eth price of the token is the floor price of the cryptokitty in the game.

There were already deals in Discord where players bought 100WCKs for 0.2Eth or ready to buy 500WCKs for 1Eth.


But why people are buying these tokens or wrapping their cryptokitties?
  • One of the reasons to wrap kitties is the convenience of handling cheap kittens

If the user agrees that their kitty is from the floor of all cryptokitties and they are ready to trade a bulk cheap kitties for something valuable, say Fancy – it easier to hold erc20 tokens. A possible trade would be as one transaction of a swapping valuable kitty for WCKs.

If a user wants to gift someone a cryptokitty it easier to send WCK Token and let the new owner choose the kitty they want to obtain.


  • Another reason for cryptokitties holders to wrap their cheapest kitties is to recoup some production costs and increase the demand.

Even the cheapest cryptokitties can be on sale for weeks. It is not so easy to find the buyer for concrete kitty, but wrapping the kitten equates it to others, so the seller can sell the token to the buyer who needs another kitty from the floor.


  • Cryptokitties exchange

It could be useful during the fancy/purrstige chases when breeders get a lot of siblings they cannot breed together.

Some cryptokitties at WrappedContract can fit players requirements more than their own kitties. They may just be prettier or be a better pair for user’s kitties. Some players already exchanged their cheap kitties for kitties with Lapises or OGs that were wrapped by other players.

Kittyhelper added “Wrapped” checkbox to the Search service and it the best way to sort cryptokitties at the contract.


  • Wrap kitties to get currency for buying valuable NFTs

One of the major changes is that OpenSea, the largest NFT market, implemented the possibility to list tokens for WCKs (CryptoKitties, CheezeWizards, CryptoVoxels Tokens to the moment)
So everyone can appraise their kitty in WCKs (0.002Eth) and put them on sale and a lot of users have already done it.

How many kitties does your Curdlin cost?

Listing other NFTs for WCKs at OpenSea created a precedent of cross-gaming mass-NFT trading. CheezeWizard#5221 was sold for 30 WCKs (30 cryptokitties, 0.06Eth). I can imagine the future where NFT projects turned their floor items into ERC20 and players make deals like 100 WrappedCryptoKitties for 100 Wrapped0xUniversePlanets.


Also, it adds a new possibility for CryptoKitties to list Special Edition kitties and Raffled Exclusives like DogCat or Gen0#528

Some players already bought Kitt-E Special Edition Kitties for 150 WCKs or AeonCats for 350WCKs from CryptoKitties.

Months ago all players were totally against the idea of selling SE kitties for Eth, but the new model is different because of the fact that these sales left the resources inside the system. And now CryptoKitties got the opportunity to obtain (create) tokens that they can use for mass-marketing. So they can use burnTokensAndWithdrawKitties parameter which is the destination address and have more freedom in raffles/giveaways/contests. They called it tickets and leeked the screenshots in the #build-in-public channel at the official Discord.


How to get WCK?

There are some ways to get WCK:

Swap cryptokity for WCK Token


  • Choose the first button “Give a Kitty, Get a WCK Token” at WrappedKitties.com
  • At the new page enter the tokens’ IDs you want to lock at the contract. Every single kitty will be traded for one WCK
  • To make the swap, the user needs to send at least two transactions:
    • The first transaction unlocks the kitty for WrappedKitties contract (a separate transaction for each cryptokitty)
    • The last transaction makes a swap: kitties transfer to the contract, the user receives WCK


Sell cryptokitty for WCK at OpenSea

OpenSea Sale

  • Connect with your wallet at https://opensea.io/account
  • Choose a token you want to put on sale and on its page press “sell
  • On Sell My Item  page set the price, create an auction or make a bundle of tokens
  • Post your Listing” button creates two transaction
    • The first transaction unlocks the token to OpenSea contract
    • And then the user needs to sign a deal


Buy WCK for Eth at Uniswap


  • Connect with your wallet at https://uniswap.exchange/swap
  • At the Uniswap page click on the swap tab and click on the “Select Token” button
  • Pass the address of WCK Token, which is 0x09fE5f0236F0Ea5D930197DCE254d77B04128075
  • In the box labeled “Output“, enter the number of WCK tokens that you wish to purchase
  • But as you can see above, now only 15 tokens of 4797 are available for swap



WrappedCryptoKitties – is an excellent way for new players and even whales to enter the game. There were cases when huge players rejected investing in kitties, because of the necessity to create thousands of transactions to buy kitties. With more wrapped cryptokitties at the contract, it will be easy to buy thousand of kitties in one transaction and everyone can build their token producing farm at any moment.

Now there are some big players who are ready to wrap hundreds of their kitties into WCKs, but they are stopped by the absence of an interface for sending more than 10 kitties per transaction. Looking forward to this possibility!


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