About us

KotoBaza started as russian speaking site about CryptoKitties – one of the world’s first blockchain games

Now we decided to change the format and the language. For now, it is a site for news, stories, guides and articles about CryptoKitties for English-speaking players.

The creators of KotoBaza are very experienced in CryptoKitties since they have been playing from the start of the game and were very active and are involved in different community projects.
We plan to translate and add more content and useful pages in the future. Also, we will not delete old posts in Russian, therefore some sections may be a little confusing and it requires some time to change them.

there are two pages of All Fancies and Purrstiges. You can discover their limits and recipes. Pages divided into two tables: Available for breeding and Non-breedable. These pages are updated once a day:

Also, you can use a TraitChart with all genes of kitties. It contains an additional info about genes rarity at Gen0s. They are marked with colours:

At the Timeline page you can find the release dates for every cattribute, Fancy, Purrstige or Exclusive cryptokitties:

You can find the gallery of all Exclusives and Special Edition kitties:

And this is an old but working calculator.


Also, we are supporting KotoWars – a collectible online game based on CryptoKitties tokens:



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